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Art Museums By The Numbers

In 2014, after the Association of Art Museum Directors relaunched its website, AAMD began a systematic digitization and upgrade of its annual membership survey tools, with three goals: improve the data collection process for the organization; create better benchmarking tools for member museums; and better inform outside audiences—from journalists to legislators—about the impact of art museums on their communities.

Art Museums By The Numbers 2014 is the first annual release of aggregated data drawn from the survey, to provide insights into the field. As the data sets grow over time, AAMD will be able to provide comparisons across different years, reflecting the ways in which member museums are evolving or improving their support for their visitors.

Download Art Museums by the Numbers 2014 here.

Findings include:

  • Individual philanthropy—whether through membership programs or in the form of individual and family donations—remains the strongest source of support for art museums in the U.S.
  • On average, most visitors spend under $8 per museum visit, including the cost of admission and any ancillary purchases in museum shops and restaurants.
  • AAMD museums invest an average of $53.17 per visitor.
  • Over two-thirds of annual expenses are allocated to care and management of collections, exhibition and education program development, and support for infrastructure.
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