Case Study

The Wallace Foundation

2014 – Present
A long-term partnership with The Wallace Foundation, providing communications strategy, planning, and implementation for their arts initiatives, helping advance Wallace's support of arts organizations and their work in communities.
Services Provided
  • Communications Strategy & Planning
  • Media Relations
  • Marketing/Brand Positioning
  • Executive Counsel
  • Stakeholder Communications

Since 2014, R+A has worked with The Wallace Foundation to help them frame and launch their arts funding initiatives, disseminate insights from Wallace to the field at large, and provide arts organizations resources around best practices. R+A also serves as liaisons with Wallace’s communications partners, including the eight largest arts service organizations representing all arts disciplines.

In 2021–22, R+A helped Wallace design and launch its five-year $100+ million initiative, Advancing Well-Being in the Arts, which funds arts organizations founded by, with, and for communities of color to advance their well-being, enhance understanding of their contributions to community, and ultimately help to build a more equitable and sustainable arts ecosystem. In addition to an external communications campaign to announce key milestones for the initiative, R+A serves as a key partner with Wallace’s Arts Team, collaborating in developing messaging around the initiative and developing communications resources shared with the grantees.

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